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Day 1

Mojave Desert

The Mojave was breath taking from the drive in to the drive out. The roads were really rough and only about 20% of them were paved but I am proud of our little economy car, she did great! I accidently took a couple of jeep roads but I am glad I did because we saw two road runners! How cool is that?!!

The preserve is an open range and there were a few cattle that walked right out into the road, it was really scary to be honest. We hiked a little but Kanga was nervous about climbing to much as she has a tendency to fall down, who can blame her from that hight. The sunset was breathtaking, so many colors.

The wind was quiet a monster and made the night freezing after the sun went down behind the mountains(thank god for tent heaters). But it gave us quiet the jolt to get out of there and begin our trip to Tombstone.

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Been planning this journey for almost 10 months now. Breaking in the hiking boots and we are weighing our bags next Friday so we dont have any suprises at the check out counter.

How did we decide our route? It first started as a discussion concerning how cool it would be to just get in the car and drive to the coast of California. Looking at a map later that day it looked totally doable. Game on! So we started talking about the things we would be interested in stopping at and being the typical tourist. Turns out most of the things we wanted to do were in a big circle. So we changed the plan.

The adventure begins March 24th at 4pm! 19 days and we are embarquing on what promises to an epic experience for both Kanga and I.

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