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The Grand Canyon


We pulled in around lunch time, found our awesome campsite, and set up camp by noon. After getting the tent set up and getting the cooler and all of the cooking gear on the table we decided to get some more ice before our hike down the canyon. They had a really big general store near the campground, very impressive.

Pulling up to our camp site I could only stare in disbelief.....a 2 foot blackbird was sitting on top of our styrofoam cooler and had pecked a football sized hole in the top of it. Bastard ate our bacon and threw styrofoam bits all over the ground, then sat 10 feet away and laughed as we cleaned it up, then he called his friends over to mock us. Got it all cleaned up and after Katrina gave him the evil eye we were off to hike.

Walking up to the rim of the canyon and looking out over the vast expanse, you realize why so many people flock here. Time to climb down it and play. We did the 1.5 mile down then back up, so 3 miles total. The hike down was fun, except for the melting snow causing mud and grossing out Katrina, and yes there was still snow in the canyon. The hike back up was very humbling. There was a 70 year old couple that passed us a couple times and she was carrying a shopping bag and using a mop handle as a walking stick and every time my tired butt sat down she would pass me not even breathing heavy! Can't have that. I think we mad it about 20 paces before them. Still counts.

Time for showers and dinner. The 3 bean stew was done by the time Katrina got back from her shower and I left some on the burner for when I got back from my nice hot shower. All clean and full we let the fire die out and crawled into the tent. Our beloved tent heater fell over and burned a hole in the bottom of the tent. Hmmm, that doesnt seem safe does it? No heater for us, but more importantly how will we ever keep every bug in the region from getting in the tent? At least that was Katrina's #1 concern. We soaked the spot in bug spray and I slept on top of it. 40 degrees when we woke up, fire was made very quickly. Breakfast scramble in our bellys we packed up the car and headed out to The Hoover Dam.

Too cool. I was blown away by the size of the generators and.......well......everything. After that modern marvel and lots of pictures later we were off to VEGAS!!!!!

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The Painted Desert and Jerome AZ

The Painted Desert was a short drive from our hotel room. Amazing how much the landscape can change in 1 1/2 hours. You couldnt see much from I 40 but as soon as you drive through the Ranger gate your jaw drops. Soooooo many colors and different landscapes. On the left its flat grass land, on the right is different rock formations and canyons. It was a 24 mile road that took you through the park and every mile of it was beyond beauty. One of the last stops before leaving the park was the petrified forest. Looking at the proof that this piece of desert was once a lush forest makes you realize what a small time we spend on this planet. The town outside of the park had lots of cute reminders of old Route 66, funny dinosaurs and lots of cheesey tee pees. You could see the row of telephone polls that used to line the side of 66, kinda sad really.

Then it was time to book it to Jerome for a wine tasting at Maynard's Caduceus winery. What a suprise when we started driving through green valleys and winding up the mountain jsut as the sun was starting to set. It was BEAUTIFUL! The houses just sit on the side of the mountian looking down on the valleys, winding roads looked like something out of the movies. After tasting the wines and walking around for a while, our bellys were making that noise again. One of the guys at Caduceus gave us some great suggestions for the area and we ended up at Nick's. Katrina had white wine, beef and mushroom masala soup, and the calamari. I had the red wine, clam chower, and baked Ziti. Stuffed once more we found our hotel and crashed early. Packing up now for our camping trip to the grand canyon!

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After a long day of hiking we pulled into town about 8 pm. Showers were a must before we could venture out in public and taste to local foods. But alas, by the time we got it all together the places we wanted to eat were closed. Fortunatly we found an amazing bar called 2 Fools Pub right across the street from the hotel, and to be honest we are really glad our first plans fell through. We had Scottish Eggs with spicy mustard that blew our minds, then shared a salmon and capers dish, and of course we had to have the fish and chips. So full it hurt we went 2 doors down to Monte Vista Firestation, after a couple drinks and a little drama we headed back for a good nights sleep.

We were going to get up and drive to 4 corners to take the famous picture but we decided to stay in Albuquerque one more day instead and just rearrange our travel plans. We had breakfast at Burritos Alinstante, yummm is all I can say. We decided to do some shopping and as it turns out they have this really cute little setup called Old Town. Adorable little shops in the historic district made for a lot of fun and I found some really cool Dia de los Muertos stuff to add to my world religion wall. Katrina found an awesome belt buckle and we both picked up some small souvinirs for loved ones. Feeling the rumble in out bellys we found our way to Los Cuates for a late lunch, we shared the Indian Taco smothered in green chile. Actually, I even had a burger outside of Carlsbad that had green chiles on it, I have now realized what I am missing on the green chile thing and will do everything I can to make sure I have as many of them in my diet from now on. We even stopped at a DQ on our way to the Painted Desert and they offed to put green chiles on my turkey sandwich, "YES PLEASE!"

Since we decided to stay an extra night this gave us a chance to ride the Sandia Peak Tram. It takes you to the top of the mountain then back down again. Katrina was less then pleased that there was snow at the top but it was a breath taking view none the less. Katrina also thanked me for not wanting to hike that mountain instead of the Guadalupes.

Marble Brewery was next on our list before leaving town. They had some amazing beer and a very artsy crowd, 2 people were playing fiddles on the patio and it made for a quaint background. I really enjoyed it but we needed to start driving to our next destination(Katrina was the DD) so we could jump up in the am for our Painted Desert fun.

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Day 3-4, Guadalupe Mountains

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Unfortunatly I boo booed and forgot the time zone difference and we arrived to late to put up our tent. A couple bottles of wine and a cleverly thrown together dinner made sleeping in the car quiet enjoyable.

As soon as the sun came up so did we. The view we woke up to was nothing short of inspirational. That put quiet the pep in our step and after freshening up and putting on our hiking gear we started the hunt for the trails. The visitor center was still closed but I sniffed one out.

Half way up the mountain we started questioning what the devil put the idea in our heads that we could do this. Oops, that would have been Jen lol. But we toughed it out, well, after the whining we did, and only got lost once. Well, not lost, we were on the right path but were not 100% sure it was where we were supposed to be. With leggs like jelly we poured ourself in the car and started our drive to Carlsbad Caverns.

After we bought our tickets for the cave tour I had a malfunction with my camelbak and the entire back of my pants and shirt were soaked. Fun. We decended 800 feet into the earth and while I was taking pictures and marveling at what my eyes were seeing, Kanga was at a dead sprint to the bottom so she wouldnt have to look at anymore "stupid, smelly, rocks". Gotta love it. So with the brisk pace and the wet pants I have quiet the diaper rash. No worrys though, nothing little like that is going to stop me from dragging Kanga through the destert some more. :)

She is in high spirits right now as we are in Albuquerque(she likes the city better) and, thanks to Roberts research, are headed out for what promises to be some great food and some awesome beer.

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The town to tough to die


Since Kanga is a social animal this was more her vibe. Winding roads lead us the adorable Tombstone, one look and we were like kids again. We got there just in time for the last show at the OK Corral and a video about the non-Hollywood history of the town. Let me just say, the guy playing Doc Holiday was PERFECT, and aside from a little cheese the rest of the show was fun, for me at least, Kanga was happy to have cell phone service again and was catching up on some missed texts lol. OH! And Vincent Price was the narrator for the film(YEAH ME!)

Our bed and breakfast was on the main street and was right across from the The Birdcage Theater, we stayed in the Wyatt Earp room and both agree to stay in that same room if we ever come back. We had our own balcony overlooking all of the shops and bars and with a great view of the mountains. The couple that owned it were amazing and really seemed to love what they do. The gave us the inside on where to play and after a shower and some gussying up we were off! Stop one was Bignose Kate's, then to The Crystal Palace, then The 4 Duces, then back to the Crystal Palace(there was a reason), then to The Dragoon. Whisky shots and whisky sours, we are in Tombstone of course, never cost over $3 dollars and most places it was $2!

Breakfast the next morning was Huevos Rancheros, yummmm!!! Then we got in costume and took the old time photos, how could we resist? Packed our bags and were off to the Guadalupe Mountains.

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